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Pastor and Mrs. Tom Rose
Our Services and Ministries:


Bible Hour (Sunday School) 
9:30 am

Morning Worship 
10:30 am 

Evening Worship 
6:00 pm 


Bible Study and Prayer Time 
7:00 pm 

Saturday Visitation
10:30 am

Bible Institute 

7:00 pm 

9:00 am 

A note from our Pastor cont'd: 

The marriage supper in Revelation 19 depicts several groups:

*Much people verse 1

*The great multitude (verse 6)

*The wife (verse 7)

*Those called unto the marriage supper (verse 9)

*Not all people will have been saved at this point

*Jews will be saved at His second coming

*Millenium saints

The redeemed of all ages will enjoy the blessings of eternity with Christ Jesus Rev 21:24. These do not constitute the Bride of Christ because the Bible distinguishes the Bride from all other saved people.

 ( Luke 5:33-35)

The New Testament church is founded by Christ. Its doctrine is what Christ taught the apostles, and the apostles gave to the churches.

Read Ephesians 5:23-33. In this passage, Jesus is said to:

*Love the church v.25

*Gave Himself for the church (v.25 and Acts 20:28)

*Be preparing the church for a future presentation of Himself. (v.27)

2Cor 11:2 - Here the church is said to be:

*Espoused - engaged

*Presented - one day

*Chaste Virgin - pure

The doctrine of the church is important and it begins with our Lord founding it, and His preserving the heritage (doctrine in scripture) throughout the ages. Praise the Lord.

Because of Calvary,

T.D. Rose, Pastor

Phil 1:3