133 W. Main St.
Marshall, WI 53559

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Pastor and Mrs. Tom Rose
Our Services and Ministries:


Bible Hour (Sunday School) 
9:30 am

Morning Worship 
10:30 am 

Evening Worship 
6:00 pm 


Bible Study and Prayer Time 
7:00 pm 

Saturday Visitation
10:30 am

Bible Institute 

7:00 pm 

9:00 am 

Marshall Baptist Church is an Independent Church of the Historic Baptist faith and practice as commonly held by other Independent Baptist churches. The following is a brief doctrinal statement: 

*We believe the Bible is verbally and plenary inspired and that it is authoritative for all faith and life. 
By the Bible, we mean the Authorized King James Bible. 

*We believe in one triune God, perfect, infinite, and eternal existing as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. 

*We believe God directly created the existing universe in six literal days. 

*We believe Jesus Christ is the one true God, born of a virgin, lived an absolutely sinless earthly life, died on the cross for the sin of man, was buried, and was raised from the dead to live forever. 

*We believe that man is born a sinner by nature and can be reconciled to God only through a personal faith in the blood atonement of Jesus Christ. 

*We believe the New Testament Church is a locally, organized body of regenerated and Scripturally baptized persons. 

*We believe that there are two ordinances of the New Testament Church: Baptist Baptism 
(via immersion) and the Lord's Supper (closed table). 

​*We believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ to gather all who are Scripturally regenerated unto Himself. This will be prior to the Great Tribulation on earth, which is followed by the Millennial reign of Christ on earth. 

*We believe there awaits a literal hell of fiery torture and punishment for every person who, before their earthly death, does not receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. 

*We believe in a literal Heaven for all who have been redeemed through the blood 
of Jesus Christ.